Logo Design 9: International Submissions

 International Submissions: 



The Graphis Logo Design Competition is starting to come alive! The above international images have recently been submitted from around the world by a variety of talented designers

1. Javier Cabrera Z. from Ecuador created this modern and colorful logo for the Agencia de Coordinación Distrital del Comercio.

2. Toshiaki and Hisa Ide, as well as John Balbarin from New York created this logo for DHA Capital and Continental PropertiesCantor & Pecorella, Inc. in order to promote the lavish amenities available at 12E13th St.

3. Ruth Weiler from Germany promoted the TAU-1 office building in Berlin City by using a monochrome picture of it from 1952 and transforming it into an idealized illustration.

4. Yvonne Diedrich from Austria created “COQORO – Les Spécialités de Poulet” in order to promote COQORO as not only a restaurant that specializes in chicken dishes, but one that it is also a family restaurant.

5. Roger Archbold from Australia promoted the brand of Peter Vogl, a Form Analyst for the horse racing industry, by creating a logo that is akin to an old-world style insignia and is dignified and stately in appearance.

6. Peter Frey from Switzerland created the “Carrousel” logo in order to promote a children’s clothing store by placing child’s dresses and a teddy bear on a classical carrousel.

7. Andrew Gariepy from Michigan created the “Ledges Sand & Gravel” logo in order to craft an identity for the client that would convey the nature of their products and services.

8. Maureen Panos from California created her logo in order to promote the band Generation Angel.

9. Roger Archbold also created a logo for a charity art auction based around the theme of “The Culinary Fox.

For more information on credits and to see a variety of other logo designs from around the world, visit the Graphis Logo Design Competition page.


Asia & Oceania:



The above images display extraordinary work from Asia & Oceania.

10. Yusuke Sano from Japan created their logo for the Japanese restaurant Hamamatsuya, in order to convey that they serve a combination of traditional Japanese and western dishes.

11. Giang Nguyen from Vietnam created a logo for AIA in order to brand their new office space and cafe.

12. Roger Archbold from Australia also created a brand identity logo for The Babes Project, a charity that provides pregnancy support services and accommodation for women and children in the perinatal period.

Additional submissions from Asia & Oceania include ones from design firms such as Next Brand Strategy & Design, Recruit Communications Co. and beacon communications k.k. graphic studio. These logo designers and more from the region can be found here.




The above submissions were brilliantly designed in Europe.

13. João Machado from Portugal designed this logo for Museu do Douro, a fascinating museum in the region.

14. Alvaro Perez from Spain created this logo for Ludotalleres in order to promote their fun gaming environment for children to learn.

15. Mikhail Puzakov from Russia the Russian Designers Union in order to promote their international student competition in industrial design.

Other submissions from Europe include ones from PFG&KAaron Isaac and Xose Tiega. These and many other submissions from the region can be found here.


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