Logo Design 9: International Submissions

International Submissions: 


Submissions to the Graphis Logo Design 9 Competition continue to impress the design community with exceptional work. The above international images have recently been submitted from around the world by a variety of talented designers.

  1. Shawn Fagan from Sugarlab in Canada created a logo for Philippe Lisack in order to promote his business.
  2. Jason Rahn from Flight Deck Creative in Texas designed a logo for Paramount Energy West in order to create a strong mark that visually represents Paramount’s development of renewable energy power systems in a competitive industry.
  3. Oliver Haas from Haas Design in Great Britain promoted WMSC Hong Kong with this logo, inspired by local Hong Kong Chinese references using colors associated with good luck such as gold and red.
  4. Lee Seisick from Next Brand Strategy & Design in Australia designed a logo for Raptor Clamps in order to distinguish the brand of these new and innovative clamps.
  5. Cody Riise from Riise Marketing in Texas designed this logo for Montessori School of Fort Worth, which reflects the school’s primary essence of haptic learning as well as the inclusion of nature in a sophisticated yet approachable way.
  6. Nadine Kamber from Definitiv Design in Switzerland created this logo for Projektnetzwerk, which resulted in network services for projects.
  7. Christian Widlic, Tom Wilder and Casey Martin from COLLINS in New York, United States created a logo for Facebook’s David Marcus, Jeremy Goldberg and Natasha Sidhar in order to develop a name and identity system for Facebook’s new personal assistant tool to live within Messenger.
  8. James Strange from Agent in Nebraska created this logo for the Nebraska Book Company‘s coffee bar inside of the their trade show booth.
  9. Jason Rahn also created a logo for Bromans Brewery in 2014, when they were staged to reveal a new craft beer at a local event and needed a design that would identify who they were and explain their product.

For more information on credits and to see a variety of other logo designs from around the world, visit the Graphis Logo Design Competition page.


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