EP9 by NIO Featured in Graphis Journal #376

The future of car racing is here, and it’s green—as in sustainable. Also known as the fastest, most expensive electric vehicle ever made, the Nio EP9 is the harbinger for a new day on the speedway. And it’s a star on the Formula E (electric car racing) circuit, having set records for the fastest lap of an electric vehicle at several global racing tracks.

With a chassis influenced by contemporary Le Mans prototype design, the EP9’s looks don’t disappoint, either. Lead designer David Hilton included so many slick aerodynamic details that the car almost looks like it’s blasting by when it’s standing still. But with a body made entirely of carbon fiber, its speedy design is just as much for function.

For example, the floating aerodynamic panels at the front fenders funnel air towards side scoops, which provide vital cooling air for the electrical components. Then there’s a massive air channel running down the center of the car, which cooperates with an active three-position rear wing to help bring about the car’s famous 3G cornering figure. The car’s aerodynamics create a whopping 24,019N of downforce, making the car hug the ground at screeching high speeds. An F-22 fighter jet can achieve 3G in flight, which the EP9 unbelievably matches on the ground.

But speed’s the name of the game with this one. The car’s top recorded speed is 194 mph, and it takes only about a miniscule 2.5 seconds to go from zero to 60. It’s broken records on every track it’s ever been tried on, and all this is gloriously without any fossil fuels.

Even with all that speed, this car’s sustainability profile is seriously enviable. For those who do more than race, it’s a fine travel and about-town vehicle as well. With even-speeded highway driving, it can reach up to 265 miles without needing a recharge. And when it does become time to power up, the batteries fill in only 45 minutes. Even better: The two side batteries can be swapped out in just eight minutes, so you can travel with a fully charged pair and extend the range to a nice 530 miles. Especially in cities and their surrounding metro areas, this is plenty.

The Nio EP9 is available for preordering, for around $3.5 million. Learn more at Nio.com.

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Author: Graphis