VL-3 by JMB Aircraft

VL-3 by JMB Aircraft Featured in Graphis Journal #376

JMB Aircraft’s VL-3 two-seat aircraft is a revolutionary concept from the Czech Republic, with six different versions available on the same airframe—all powered by Rotax engines. The first three aircraft are LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) with fixed gear and top speeds of 120 kts. The next three have retractable gear with speeds ranging from 145 knots for the first, 165 on the second, and 195 on the last, with the last two on Turbo Rotax engines. And for the cherry on top, the airframe is a gorgeously aerodynamic piece of sculpture, worthy of a spot at NYC’s MoMA.

The fixed gear version of VL-3 is designed for flight schools. It allows students to learn faster, with the fixed gear allowing for a low stall speed and short landing roll—thus easier flying. And the choice between a fixed or variable-pitch propeller offers further flexibility: If the variable-pitch option is chosen, the adjust ability of the propeller while in-flight enhances climb and cruise performance. It also shortens take-off distance.

The plane gets its screeching speeds from the formidable combination of an assortment of Rotax engines to choose from, combined with a super-lightweight carbon fiber airframe—and a spectacularly engineered wing design that provides record-breaking aerodynamics. Meanwhile, its customizability comes from its ability to be easily separated into separate parts.

Seats come in a selection of textiles and leather options, including color choices, and each has a four-point safety belt. The owner can even choose the color of the stitches and embroidery. And the dashboard is made to measure, to fit the unique specs of the individual owner’s plane, with the instruments mounted in a laser-cut plate with serigraphed surface inscriptions.

The VL-3 is truly a remarkable aircraft, with its top speeds and endless customizability making it a true standout regardless of its finer finishes, and its luxurious comfort and style adding a cherry on top. Learn more at JMBaircraft.com.

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Author: Graphis