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Space of Mind cabin by Studio Puisto

Space of Mind Cabin by Studio Puisto Featured in Graphis Journal #376

On a mossy hillside in Finland overlooking the sea, an asymmetrical box made of blonde wood and…
Font Adaptive Cutlery by Michael Hoppe of Hop Design

Font Adaptive Cutlery By HOP Design Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Michael Hoppe of HOP Design has used 3D printing to create a set of cutlery that combines…

EP9 by NIO Featured in Graphis Journal #376

The future of car racing is here, and it’s green—as in sustainable. Also known as the fastest,…
VL-3 by JMB Aircraft

VL-3 by JMB Aircraft Featured in Graphis Journal #376

JMB Aircraft’s VL-3 two-seat aircraft is a revolutionary concept from the Czech Republic, with six different versions…
Richard Wilde featured in Graphis Journal #376

One of the Greats: Richard Wilde Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Richard Wilde is chair emeritus after a 50-year career at the School of Visual Arts. He was…
Award-winning poster designs from Leroy & Rose.

The Best Agency in the Universe: Leroy & Rose Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Leroy met Rose in 2012 during one of the hottest summers ever recorded in the Peach State….
Graphis Master Trevett McCandliss

A Glimpse Into Imagination: Graphis Master Trevett McCandliss Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Graphis Master Trevett McCandliss is a photographer and creative director whose photography work has won medals from…
Paul Garland designs

Bold, Colorful, & Graphic: Paul Garland Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Paul Garland was born in Somerset, England, and studied at Somerset College of Arts & Technology, Epsom…
Peter Bankov Designs

Design is Happiness: Peter Bankov Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Graphis Master Peter Bankov was born in Belarus to a family of artists. He studied in Minsk…
Photos by Hugh Kretschmer

Shooting From the Heart: Hugh Kretschmer Featured in Graphis Journal #376

At 13, Graphis Master Hugh Kretschmer was introduced to photography by his father, a photo-instrumentation engineer for…

Always Keep Working: DeVito/Verdi Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Recognized as one of the most exceptional creative agencies in the industry, DeVito/Verdi has been voted “Best…

Running Into Design: Carmit Makler Haller Featured in Graphis Journal #376

Graphis Master Carmit Makler Haller is a visual communications designer and the owner of Carmit Design Studio….