Launch Agency's healthcare advertising campaign.

Launch Agency’s Prescription for Boring Healthcare Advertising

When creating impactful advertising, Launch Agency has a reputation for creating visually stunning and highly effective campaigns. No wonder they’ve been recognized with a Silver award in Advertising 2023 for their work on the “BSWH Emergency Campaign.” In partnership with Baylor Scott & White Health, Launch Agency developed a campaign focused on the moments leading up to an emergency rather than the aftermath. Let’s take a closer look at Launch Agency’s award-winning campaign and see how their innovative approach helped to make a real difference in healthcare advertising.

By: Launch Agency


“Emergencies happen when people least expect them. That’s why Baylor Scott & White Health stays ready for any emergency with minimal wait time at multiple locations across Texas and a fully staffed team of experts backed by Texas’s largest not-for-profit healthcare system. 

“To demonstrate their readiness, Launch Agency chose NOT to show visuals of people injured or in pain. Instead, we zeroed in on the moment right before an accident happens to increase awareness so that Baylor Scott & White Health is the first place consumers turn to for their next emergency.” 


“By partnering with the team at Foreal, Launch created customized, 3-D artwork that brought each word in the campaign to life. From hiking to biking to moving, we were able to help potential patients visualize that future accidents can happen anywhere. The result was a series of eye-catching print and social executions that ran in central and north Texas.” 


“The emergency room campaign increased awareness, site traffic, and appointments.”

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Author: Graphis