Graphis Master Steve Sandstrom Is A Leader In Creative Design

Graphis Master Steve Sandstrom is an expert in bringing life to a new product or business. He is the Executive Creative Director of Sandstrom Partners and one of the most skilled business minds in the industry. He has been involved in the creation of many brand campaigns that have either increased sales, or have saved a company from bankruptcy. Many professional clients have sought out his creative ideas, such as Coca-Cola, ESPN, Sony Pictures, and Nissan, among others.

Aside from his work with larger companies, he has helped start-ups such as the French liquor brand St-Germain. The sleek, futuristic design of “St. Germain” (above left) brought success for the brand within a year under the guidance of Sandstrom.

He is also one of the founding creators behind Tazo, one of the leading tea companies in the U.S. He was a major creative influence on Tazo’s branding, which became the standard that future tea companies would follow. A display of Tazo branding and packaging design is featured (above right).

Another work, entitled “Tazo” (above), presents the different flavors of tea drinks offered by the brand. The logo is memorable and the color palette is classic, with a sense of nostalgia. Similar to his work for St-Germain, Sandstrom’s work for Tazo was award-winning and highly successful in bringing in new consumers.

Sandstrom’s expertise in creating long-lasting designs has revitalized companies for the modern world of advertising.

See more of Steve Sandstrom’s innovative designs in his Graphis Master Portfolio!

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