Photo: New Entries from Stewart Cohen, Jonathan Knowles, and Jeff Camden

The latest entry for the Photography Annual 2020 comes from photographer Stewart Cohen with a seven-part series entitled “Seeing Red” (above left). Inspired by the popular notion that redheads are on their way to extinction, Cohen examines a cross section of gingers from all walks of life to untangle the mystery surrounding red hair. The setting and clothing are minimal in each portrait to highlight the stark contrast between the subject, their hair, and the backdrop: an upright, topless, casket. With Cohen’s display of an envisioned extinct species, each of the redheads captured are much more full of life than their surroundings might suggest.

For Luxure Magazine in the United Kingdom, Graphis Master Jonathan Knowles created a bare and minimalist advertisement for the new Dior Ultra Rouge lipstick shades (above right). Knowles gives you just a glimpse of his subjects, but the unidentifiable women encourage you to read their lips in colors that speak for themselves. 

Based in Australia, photographer Jeff Camden submitted an image that is part of a larger campaign to advertise a newly finished, high-rise, luxury development in Brisbane. Entitled “Rooftop Poolside” (above), the image juxtaposes some architectural elements, while featuring a rooftop pool and the subtle reflection of clouds to create the relaxed story of laying poolside.

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Author: Graphis

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