Packaging: New Entries from Harcus Design, PepsiCo Design & Innovation, and Vault 49

For the Packaging 10 competition, Harcus Design in Australia submits their entry, “Riverland Orange” (above). This entry is part of a seven-part series of delicate designs for Maine Beach’s line of beauty and body care products. Their composition is layered with intricate detail, from the illustrations to the embossed text and patterns on the tins and bottles. The orange color stands out against the cream of the base design and does an excellent job of representing the orange and lemon rind ingredients. Despite the different tubes, bottles, and tins, they were able to construct a cohesive design across the range of product shapes. Harcus Design creatively establishes an elegant identity that encapsulates the Riverland Orange brand.

PepsiCo Design & Innovation and Vault 49 submit their collaborative packaging design for Walkers, a chip company in the United Kingdom. Entitled, “Walker’s Restage” (above), the concept was developed with the idea of bringing a vibrant, playful image to an iconic and household name. Walkers chips is the number one loved chip brand in the UK, and the team illustrates that by including other iconic British figures on the bag such as Big Ben. To help the bags pop out on the shelves, the colors are bright and bold. The bags are also given a matte and glossy finish to give them a modern and premium look. PepsiCo and Vault 49 successfully bring life to Walkers Chips with a fun look that will entice new and loyal consumers.

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