New Talent: Gold-Winning Work by Ye Rin Jeon and New Entry from Cindy Ha

Student Ye Rin Jeon from South Korea wins Gold for their entry in the New Talent Annual 2019. Entitled “A Breaking Frame” (above), the graphics on the poster represent how breaking boundaries can lead to innovative visions. With the support of Instructors Seung Min Han and Dong-Joo Park of Hansung University of Design and Art Institute, Jeon displays a vivid depiction of the word ‘frame’ cracking and splintering. This symbolizes the breaking of conformity. Another interesting element is the ‘v’ in the design, which represents the terms ‘vision’ and ‘value.’ Multiple meanings can be derived from this artwork. With this winning entry, Jeon presents a visual example of how new ideas form from thinking unconventionally.

The latest entry for the New Talent Annual 2020 comes from the University of Cincinnati in the U.S. Student Cindy Ha submits her work, “Sound Assertions: 3 Jazz Pioneers” (above), as part of a series of posters that aim to excite people about jazz concerts. Ha specifically promotes three jazz musicians, Buddy Bolden, Fats Waller, and Jason Kao Hwang, all of whom have had major impacts in jazz history.

The musicians are well represented by silhouettes that display the respective musician and their instrument of choice. Each poster highlights the cultural significance of each musician and their style of music. By using warm, muted colors, Cindy Ha is able to present each musician in the forefront and make the viewers feel like they’re already in the audience.

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