Graphis Master Mark Hess Brings Creative Wit to his Impressive Illustrations

Mark Hess is an esteemed painter and illustrator with a smart sense of humor that comes across through his work. Hess has enjoyed an impressive career that has allowed him to branch out to various fields including graphic design, teaching, and publishing. His portraits and murals are among some of his most well known work.

His work entitled “Lenox Avenue Breakdown” (above left), showcases his talent for coming up with creative ideas. The details and coloring ground even outlandish concepts such as a giant saxophone.

His illustration, “Corn With the Wind” (above right) is an example of how he brings his humor into his work. Made for a restaurant, this ‘punny’ painting takes a realistic approach to the image of an ear of corn. The colors are bright and both the corn and the landscape are all cleanly painted.

Entitled “Legends of the West” (above), this series of stamps presents more of his ability to create realistic images with a painting or illustration in a classic style. The stamps feature well-known figures from western history and stories.

Mark Hess has shown that he is capable of translating a client’s ideas and visions into warm and charming, works of art. He’s been painting and illustrating for many years starting at the young age of 19, when he designed his first Time Magazine cover. Since then, he’s been a featured illustrator for over 16 Time covers and has worked with other clients such as the U.S Postal Service, Smithsonian D.C., and more. His years of expertise and experience makes him a deservedly applauded painter and illustrator worthy of being a Graphis Master. 

Check out more of Mark Hess’ timeless paintings in his Graphis Master Portfolio!

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