Design: Gold-Winning Work by Strømme Throndsen Design, and New Entry from Coal Creative Consultants

Norwegian design firm, Strømme Throndsen Design, wins Gold for their entry to the Design Annual 2020 competition. Entitled “Home Chef” (above), the design firm creates vibrant packaging for a range of broths and sauces that bring a restaurant-quality taste to the comfort of one’s home. Different animals are displayed on the package depending on the ingredients and the type of broth. The colors are bold and playful, meant to help the product stand out among its competitors on a shelf. By implementing color blocking and animal illustrations, Strømme Throndsen designs a memorable product that buyers can easily familiarize themselves with.

For the Design Annual 2021 competition, Coal Creative Consultants submits their entry titled, “Starhub Integrated Report” (above). Starhub is one of Singapore’s major tech companies. By using Starhub’s acronym D.A.R.E to describe their new creative direction, Coal designs a report outline and concept that displays all new initiatives. The utilization of green not only presents the company’s fresh new outlook, but also signifies Starhub’s decision to move towards a sustainable future. Coal Creative Consultants accurately establishes Starhub’s mission for the company’s future.

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