Poster: Award-Winning Entries from D. Kashiwa, Ariane Spanier, and K. Kitz. Plus New Entry from Meaghan Dee

For the Poster Annual 2020, Daisuke Kashiwa from Japan wins Gold for his entry titled, “The True Story of Ah Q” (above, left). The design is a book cover for Lu Xan’s novella of the same name. The artwork offers the viewer an unsettling image that also intrigues. Daisuke Kashiwa’s poster design successfully draws in a reader’s curiosity.

Ariane Spanier Design from Germany, also wins Gold for their entry “Academy Concerts 1-7 Season 2018/19” (above, right). The seven-part series of advertising posters combines 3-D and 2-D images, each appropriately designed after music symbols. Ariane Spanier Design presents a dynamic visual approach to a poster series.

From the U.S., Keith Kitz wins Silver for his work “More Gratitude” (above, left). This experimental poster is layered with multiple texts, drawings, and ad clippings in a visual call for more gratitude. Keith Kitz makes one poster a day with a call to action, inciting passion and interest in viewers.

The latest entry for the Poster Annual 2021 comes from designer Meaghan A. Dee from the U.S. Entitled “Arch Poster” (above, right), Dee’s poster takes the most iconic symbols of St. Louis, Missouri to help fundraise for the Gateway Arch National Park. Dee’s use of bold and clean lines creates a simple but engaging design.

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