New Talent: New Entries from University Students Yuting Xie and Katie Luke

From the School of Visual Arts, student Yuting Xie and Instructor Carin Goldberg, submit their entry to the New Talent Annual 2020 competition. Entitled, “Photo Magazine” (above), Xie displays several different potential covers for a concept magazine featuring photos by renowned photographers. The design has a vintage feel and each image is presented as if in a photo frame. These covers feel classic and are a good indicator of the kind of potential Yuting Xie has as a designer.

From George Brown College in Canada, student Katie Luke submits her entry titled, “Lilium Cosmetics” (above), with the support of Instructor Jerri Johnson. This is a brand design for a cosmetics company geared toward sophisticated women in their late thirties and up. Luke wanted to emphasize the use of honey as a main ingredient, and chose to utilize a hexagonal pattern and a two-toned yellow palette. Katie Luke’s design is fresh and conveys a feeling of sophistication and youth.

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Author: Graphis

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