From Reggae to Web of Lies

Centre for Design Research Wins Advertising 2023 Platinum Award

The Centre for Design Research (CDR) in Slovenia recently won Graphis Advertising Platinum for its poster design for the International Reggae Poster Contest. Art director Eduard Cehovin created the poster with the motto “Stay Strong, Stand Up, Have a Voice” (above, left) and devoted it to reggae music, women singers, and authors.

Design Elements Used in the Design

The design elements of color, line, dot, shape, texture, space, and form were all used to describe the meaning of reggae using abstract design elements. The rhythmic relationships between these elements are detected from the counterpoint between the bass and offbeat rhythmic sections and drum downbeat in reggae. Furthermore, vibrant colors such as yellow and red create an eye-catching visual representation of reggae music.

The poster also features a stylized image of a woman enhanced by a distinctive color composition to represent all the female reggae singers and authors who inspire others with their music. The use of bright, posterized colors creates an energetic atmosphere that evokes feelings of strength and courage, and the typography is minimalistic yet bold enough to grab attention without detracting from the overall message or visuals. All these different design elements combine to create a compelling image that conveys its message clearly while staying true to its artistic vision.

The CDR team did a fantastic job creating an award-winning poster for the International Reggae Poster Contest using the aforementioned design elements. Their attentive use of vibrant colors combined with minimalistic typography helped create an eye-catching yet meaningful representation of reggae music that resonated with viewers. 

Web of Lies

Fake news is an essential issue in the modern world, as people struggle to determine which sources are trustworthy and which are false. Chinese agency Dalian RYCX Advertising and art director Zhongjun Yin recently won a Graphis Platinum Award for their work “The Magic Mirror of Lies” (above, right), which brings awareness to the dangers of fake news.

Why This Campaign Is Important

The term “fake news” describes the information that appears as news media content in form but lacks organizational process or intent, since fake news outlets lack the editorial norms and procedures required to ensure the accuracy and credibility of their news. To combat this, Yin’s campaign is simple yet effective: The dark, graphic, blood-dripping spider is a metaphor for the fake news that creeps through the internet and is increasingly prevalent in the global community. By raising awareness about this issue through creative campaigns such as this, agencies like Dalian RYCX Advertising can help ensure that people are better informed about paying attention to the authority regarding news sources online. 

“The Magic Mirror of Lies” campaign has created a mighty crusade that is helping combat the spread of fake news in our society today. Yin’s win with the prestigious Advertising Platinum Award shows just how vital this work can be for businesses looking to make an impact in our ever-changing digital landscape.

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Author: Graphis