Globalizing the Cause of Freedom and Peace

How the Chinese Poster “Pray for Peace” Encourages Positive Change

Dalian RYCX Advertising‘s designer Zhongjun Yin created an iconic poster titled “Pray for Peace” (above, left) that was recently submitted to the Graphis Poster 2024 competition. The hope is it becomes a symbol of hope and encouragement for people all over the world.

The Meaning Behind “Pray for Peace”

The main image of the poster is the Earth in camouflage representing conflict, with a halo symbolizing peace which gives off an air of serenity and tranquility. For the designer, the imagery conveys that the world must actively seek peace to make lasting change—a change that can end war and conflict.

“Pray for Peace” reminds us that we must all strive towards creating a better future through mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration among nations if we are ever going to attain true global peace on any significant level. By encouraging us all to come together in prayer for this cause, Yin hopes this artwork will inspire others into action so that no one will have to suffer from wars or conflicts ever again!

Anet Melo’s Poster Series on Cuba & Freedom

Drawing on personal experience, design director Anet Melo created her “Poster for Freedom” series (above, right) based on the concept of “freedom” to bring hope and optimism back into Cuban lives. She dedicates these posters to those fighting for their human rights in Cuba, this work shines a light on the reality.

Reinterpreting powerful symbols that Cuba’s leaders used over six decades, these pieces offer a personal look into current events and injustices felt across this Latin American nation. Drawing from traditional silk-screen poster art rooted in Cuban culture and history, Melo’s work reminds us of true peace and freedom—even within adversity.

Poster Series Shines a Light on Reality

On November 27, 2021, a remarkable meeting of over 300 Cuban intellectuals and activists convened in Havana’s Ministry of Culture to demand their rights as citizens. With the aim to reject state violence and contribute towards Cuba’s future development through dialogue with government institutions, 27N was born. Regrettably, however, no such official exchange ever came about from the authorities; the ensuing months only brought further aggression against opposition voices. It stands that for substantial change—both politically and economically—to be achieved in Cuba, there needs first to be an engaged populace ready to embrace the challenge ahead. While Cuba continues to be ruled by the same oppressive regime that has held power for decades, many Cubans are turning to social networks to find alternative ways of understanding and transforming their country. While producing visual works focused on this purpose may prove complicated within the island due to current restrictions, its connection with the digital world offers a powerful opportunity for civic awareness—planting seeds from which political change can grow.

The idea was that these posters would be distributed digitally across social media before eventually taking hold physically with prints placed wherever possible in major cities—overturning decades of oppressive political messaging for good!

Designers: Submit your work for Poster 2024! Get your message out from entertainment to promotion to calls to action like these two posters. Next deadline is Feb. 7.

Author: Graphis