Design: These Oceania Designers Are in a Class of Their Own

Australian and New Zealand Designers elevate their craft to new heights of excellence

Graphis is proud to present the work of these Oceania-based designers. Their alluring work speaks for itself as a whirlwind of eye-catching works. Their campaigns are ones that are immediately noticeable and ones that undoubtedly deserve praise. The time, effort, and attention to detail cannot be understated as these designers worked tirelessly to not only answer their clients’ needs, but indeed surpass them in their drive to make the best campaign they could.
Alt Group’s work for Silo Theatre’s 2017 Season Catalog (ABOVE) is a wondrously new approach to how to advertise for a theater group. Utilizing neon colored sheets that are draped over the models, the presentation resembles the wonderment from our childhood. Designers Dean Poole, Jason Chau, Kennady Virak, and Helen Clegg have all utilized our inherent and undying fascination with play to showcase a truly mesmerizing campaign. The Gold-winning advertisement is a testament to the excellent work coming out of the New Zealand-based agency.

Hoyne’s equally tantalizing campaign for the Milligan Group, entitled Workshop (ABOVE), works to create an urban environment that is part Blade Runner and part Children of Men. It is present and yet wholly in the future. Using Escher-like typography and geometric shapes, Designers Pete Georgiou and Cindy Erlina have presented a campaign that merits its Silver award. The Australians sure do know how to revitalize.
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Author: Graphis