Advertising: Presenting Some of the Platinum and Gold-Winning Work From This Year’s Ad Annual

These firms know how to not only catch a consumer’s attention but stimulate it too

Advertising requires more than explaining a product’s functionality and desire—it needs to wow. That is the mantra that most, if not all, advertising executives tout as being paramount to a project. Without it, what is the point of advertising in the first place? It’s a singularly imperative approach that will ultimately lead to what every client wants—sales. And that’s exactly what these advertising campaigns did.
Darkhorse Design, LLC’s work for Actigall, entitled, The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword (ABOVE), is a tantalizing piece that seemingly harkens back to an industrialist approach to advertising that hasn’t been seen since the late ’70s and ’80s. With it’s simplistic approach, thought-provoking message and acrylic-like paint swatches, Art Director Robert Talarczyk has outdone himself in this Platinum award-winning work.

Traffik’s campaign for WWF Canada, entitled The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (ABOVE), is a similarly alluring series of works that utilize enticing tagline of “Don’t Let Garbage Replace Wildlife” to socially invigorate consumers to act before it is too late. After all, environmentalism is the greatest concern to today’s and future generations. The Gold award-winning campaign from Art Director Craig Huffman is a testament to that belief, one that will surely become ever more relevant as time goes on.
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Author: Graphis