Boats, Boats, Boats: Graphis Journal 371 Products

Sailors and yacht-club goers unite! Our upcoming Graphis Journal #371 (available for preorder) features two of the industry’s latest breathtaking designs that’ll surely have you aching to sail out at sea. 

The 43wallytender (above/ below, left) is the newest innovation by yacht company Wally, globally renowned for their impact on the luxury market since their founding in 1994 by visionary Luca Bassani. Titled after the boat’s impressive forty-three foot tender, the new addition to the Wally family caters to both casual and committed yacht-goers alike, with enough deck space for any party or any journey.  

Its sleek style is coupled with a laminated sail and a three-sided windshield to protect its sailors from sunlight, wind, and water respectively with amenities like a shower, bathroom, and comfortable bed provided in its lower deck. The product is a well-encapsulated machine bolstering both technological and design innovation that continues to shape Wally’s brand identity, and is what current managing director Stefano de Vivo describes as, “a benchmark of the future.” 

But if yachts might not be your thing, sailing company Tiwal has the Tiwal 2 Sailing Dinghy (above, right) to offer as an alternative. The impressively portable dinghy boat is both compact and light, weighing only ninety pounds when fully assembled, yet capable of carrying up to 330 pounds. The product simplifies family sailing experiences thanks to its easy-to-build, no tools required nature, and is currently priced from $5,710 to $6,110 with two style options available. 

Spearheaded by boat-lovers and founders Marion Excoffon and her partner Emmanuel, Tiwal is a small but mighty company operating out of Boston, with a roster of products that consumers across all ages will enjoy. Since its founding in 2012, the company has earned numerous awards, including the 2020 Boat of the Year “Best Dinghy” from Sailing World, and its future seems bright. 

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Author: Graphis