Creative Craftsmanship: Poster Annual 2022 Winners & Poster Annual 2023 Entries

These poster designs have inspired us with their ingenuity and eye for detail. From new season premieres to company rebrandings, the posters we have to show will spark your creative side.

Fargo Season 4-Key Art” (above, left) was designed by FX Networks for the premiere of the hit show Fargo’s newest season. Winner of the Platinum 2022 award, this series included imagery of a body crushed by a gas pump and a wall of tomato soup cans with a bullethole with dripping sauce. This season of Fargo goes from the snowy north to a violent 19502 Kansas City in which rival gangs fight for their very own slice of the American Dream. To convey this time period and theme, the design team chose a variety of 50s memorabilia associated with the time period and gave each image its own sense of dark humor. This design campaign was featured outdoors and online, which was received very well by the industry.

In a much more heartfelt design from our Poster 2023 competition, “R.I.P Charlie Watts” (above, right) by Marcos Minini was created to celebrate the life and work of musician Charlie Watts, the drummer for the the drummer for the iconic band The Rolling Stones. Wanting to honor the artist on the day of his death, Manini created this simple yet tasteful poster design to commemorate Watts’ inspired career. The main idea to form Charlie Watts’ drum sticks into a cross helps express his lasting impression on the music world and how he will be dearly missed.

This next poster, “Becoming E-QUALS” (above, left) has an eye for inclusivity with this digital diversity campaign. Designed by Ivan Kashlakov for Posterheroes to celebrate their 10th anniversary, the poster focuses on their slogan “Digital Inclusion, Digital Equity”. Driven by the 40% digital disparity in which over 3 billion people remain disconnected to the internet, Posterheroes sought designs that invited people to join the digital world. Kashlakov’s design featured a QR code made up of digitized people to show that web access is a fundamental human right, and that everyone deserves to connect to it. Posterheroes really enjoyed this design, as they selected it, among forty others, out of 14,101 original submissions to be displayed at the Graphic Days Exhibition in Torino, Italy.

Finally, “The Kite Factory Values Poster Series” (above, right) was designed by CURIOUS in the service of the Kite Factory. Winner of a 2022 Gold award, this design helped develop the Kite Factory’s new brand identity to show the ambitious company it had become. As they describe it, they’re “an agency where brilliant, insightful people let their imaginations fly”, which is perfectly encapsulated with this design. In a charming twist, the design does not show a kite, but rather features the string tethered to one in the shape of a rocket that indicate the company’s core values: “Aim Higher, Think Freely”, “Get Involved”, “Win Together”, and “Stay Smart”. This design fits the company’s identity well, as a kite string represents “ideas that take flight but are deeply grounded in insight.” The staff at Kite Factory loved the design, and even displayed the posters throughout their offices to encourage employees.

These posters have blown us away with their craftsmanship and impeccable design. To check out some more of these amazing entries, visit us at!

Author: Graphis