Designs With Spirit: Latest Packaging 10 Competition Entries

Whether it’s a beautiful gift box or delicious craft beer, you’ll love these new designs. Created especially for the launch of these unique products, the designers certainly understood the assignment.

Zhuxixi Year of the Tiger Gift Box” (above) was designed by Jin Zhang of Wuhan SANBU Brand Design Company in China. It was created for Zhuxixi Baking, which is releasing a gift box to celebrate the 2022 Chinese New Year. Since the upcoming new year is the year of the tiger, the design team chose to focus on the very image of this beautiful big cat.

Due to the similar pronunciation of “tiger” and “Fu” in the Chinese language, which expresses “five blessings at the door”, a Chinese idiom commonly used to express blessings, the designer featured the saying in the design. Five different, finely crafted tigers were included, and the gift box itself was designed as a horizontal strip which helped embed the cover into the bottom of the box, so that the box can be used as a decorative painting, giving it a second use and reducing waste at the same time. The mastery doesn’t stop there, as Zhang also included a line draft picture of a tiger inside the box, so that consumers can paint it with their friends and family and later hang it as a photo, which increases the emotional value of the product. This design was a great success, as customers thought it was a loving and fashionable design which helps retain holiday cheer among the family.

In another unique design, “Broken Top Brewing Co. Packaging Design” (above) was created by Jackie Jiabei Jiang for the company’s line of IPA’s and pilsners. A company based in Oregon that rose out of a group’s passion for beer, Broken Top Brewing Company needed a new brand design that would catch consumers’ attention on the shelves among its hefty competition. Jiang chose a unique blue aluminum as the basis of the design, which would stand out without diverting the consumer’s attention from the logo. The design itself features a spinning top, which the brand is named after, and embodies with their playful spirit. Broken Top loved this design and believe in its ability to set their product apart.

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Author: Graphis