Sweet Mead with a Side of Hot Sauce: Latest New Talent Entries

Two of America’s favorite things, alcohol and hot sauce, take the stage with today’s New Talent 2022 entries, which show us all the diverse ways we can design and advertise our favorite foods. 

In “Turn to the Hottest” (above), Victoria Lin, a student at The Newhouse School at Syracuse University, was tasked by professor Mel White to design an advertisement for Tabasco’s new Scorpion Sauce. The print series aimed to reflect the sauce’s spiciness, which is twenty times hotter than Tabasco’s original sauce, by playfully merging the product’s spice level with cooking appliances. The end result is a triplet print series that captures the product’s heat level turning to the max through a witty and successful implementation of graphic design. 

Similarly, student Gabriel Kraft at Columbia College Hollywood also designs a digital ad series for a food product in “VikingBuzz” (above). As part of an assignment for professor Evanthia Milara, Kraft was tasked with coming up with a different design take on an existing app and introducing a new brand identity and logo. The end result, VikingBuzz, is a remix of the well-known wine app Vivino, marketing mead instead of wine. Kraft explains that “Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world … [and] its popularity has been increasing in recent years, so the VikingBuzz app was created to help users find everything they need to know about mead.” Intentionally aimed at a younger audience, the app includes striking graphics and traditional Nordic designs to allude to the rustic history and environment mead comes from. The final result is a homogenous visual identity that’s both fun and feasible, which mead lovers will surely enjoy!

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Author: Graphis