Japan’s Triplet Design Puts Polish into COCON’s Sustainable Jewelry Campaign

Amid the growing movement towards natural resource sustainability and recyclability, one entry in the Graphis Advertising 2024 Awards stands as a shining example of responsible design in the world of jewelry. Led by the Japanese agency Triplet Design Inc. in collaboration with client WAKO Inc., “COCON -THE NEW LIFE OF JEWELRY-” emerges as a catalyst for change, redefining the industry with its eco-conscious approach. The brand’s concept of jewelry redesign breathes new life into old pieces while staying true to the values of an environmentally aware society. Join us as we unravel the story behind the evolution of COCON, where Japanese sensibilities intertwine with sustainability, ultimately transforming the jewelry landscape in the era of conscious consumption.

By: Tsuyoshi Omori



COCON is a brand that proposes original and sustainable ways to enjoy jewelry through redesign.


Jewelry production that is supported by natural resources cannot be continued permanently. Diamond mining, for instance, is estimated to drop by 5% annually until 2030, and fall to half of 2019 output by 2050. The shortage of supply as such will definitely drive up sales prices of jewelry, and then people will be more likely to show less interest in wearing jewelry. 

Under the COVID-19 measures, our face-to-face communication has decreased drastically. Due to that, people have become less interested in what others think about them and more careful and mindful of something that affects their own feelings. In fashion, too, people are less influenced by trendy or premium items and are choosing things that truly resonate with their own values. 

COCON offers a new way that allows you to rediscover the value of your old jewelry, and also offers one and only renewed jewelry, which will bring brilliance to its wearer’s everyday life.


COCON will bring unfound brilliance to your old jewelry through its online redesign service. We suggest a new way to deal with your own jewelry. Through an encounter with lots of inspiring design ideas and jewelry designers who can make it concrete, your jewelry will be given a new life to become a truly original one. That brilliance will sparkle its wearer’s everyday life, too. Always, be true to yourself. COCON offers an original and sustainable way to enjoy jewelry, allowing you to create a life story with your renewed jewelry. Wearing your own jewelry brings more happiness to everyday life.


The essential function and purpose of jewelry redesign is not to change its appearance. It is to reconstruct what is at hand and repeatedly create new value and meaning. COCON fully embraces the inherent value of jewelry redesign in both its name and logo design.

The name “COCON” comes from a Japanese word meaning “then and now”, implying a convergence of past and present. We believe your old jewelry deserves to be awakened from its long slumber to be timelessly beloved.

The prefixes “CO” and “CON” mean togetherness. COCON, therefore, reflects the connection from the past, to the present, and into the future that jewelry provides in our lives.

The logo is designed in the motif of a ring.

The sliding letter ‘O’ creates the silhouette of a ring topped with a stone. This motion implied in the sliding represents the moment that time starts ticking again after a long silence.


“Brilliance Revealed.” Jewelry is not mere fashion. Its modest brilliance reflects its wearer. “I want to wear jewelry that I’m truly fond of, that reflects me. This jewelry is fated to be here with me. It awaits its chance to sparkle again—just like me. Of course, I can find all sorts of new jewelry. However, I would rather infuse a sense of myself into my old jewelry and bring it back to life. The renewed jewelry will add to my confidence. I feel reborn, more true to myself.”


For key visuals, two different images are juxtaposed to illustrate a concept that, by upgrading jewelry’s value, physical items and the human mind will be influencing each other. The ray of light that intersects the two images represents the connection that ties humans and jewelry. These visuals depict the essence of jewelry redesigning, which is that what will bring brilliance to jewelry is human emotion, and that brilliance will give hope and confidence back to its wearer’s everyday life.

This key visual embodies the spirit of the brand message, “Brilliance Revealed.” It strongly emphasizes that redesigned jewelry is more than just an ornament; it is the one and only embodiment of the owner’s personality and way of life. The use of a black-and-white or subdued color background for the key visual visually highlights the jewelry’s brilliance, the beauty of its details, and its unique presence. The key visual is composed of strong contrasts, with only the redesigned jewelry and the owner’s eyes shining through the darkened environment. This symbolizes the owner’s reflection in the redesigned jewelry, and through it, his or her awakening to a new self. The strong will and confidence in the owner’s eyes resonate with the new radiance that the jewelry emits.

COCON’s redesigned jewelry becomes an important part of its owner’s life, deeply connected to his or her own. More than ornaments, these pieces of jewelry are “alter egos” of their owners, symbolizing individual life stories, memories, and deep emotions. To emphasize their presence, the shapes and textures of the jewelry are highlighted through the use of strong lighting and shadows. The long shadows symbolize the passage of time and the jewelry’s continuity from the past to the present and into the future. The attention to detail attests to the high quality and technical skill of COCON’s remodeled jewelry. These features are values that cannot be obtained from ready-made jewelry. While ready-made jewelry is a mass-produced item, redesigned jewelry is a one-of-a-kind item that materializes the owner’s unique memories and experiences.


You will see various footer images at every access of the website. These images are carefully selected to convey COCON’s worldview. They must provoke people’s interest in jewelry redesign and leave pleasant feelings, which we hope will make them revisit the site.


COCON’s jewelry box comes with a specially-designed tray, which allows you to enjoy jewelry you are truly fond of in everyday life. To help sustainability, it is made from recycled paper. Also, the card with before-and-after photos of your renewed jewelry will evoke your precious memory and deepen your fascination for the jewelry.

Born in 1976, Tsuyoshi Omori is a creative director, art director, CI•VI designer, and graphic designer. He established Triplet Design Inc. in 2005.

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Author: Graphis