Advertising: Doner & more from the US

The Advertising Annual 2018 is currently on sale, and the winners will blow you away!

The above image is a Gold Award-winning entry from Michigan’s Doner agency for their client, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The challenge was to show how a new hybrid minivan could do its job while striving to help cut down global pollution. The answer came from the Doner design team — Clive Biley (Digital Artist), Vincent Dixon (Photographer), Mark Cooke (Creative Director and Art Director), Bryan Hutson (Creative Director), Eric Weisberg (Chief Creative Officer), Brent Hodge (Print Producer), Kathryn Lyons-Urbanek (Art Producer), and Chuck Meehan (Executive Creative Director) — who brought a literal Tree Hugger to life!

Next, coming in with a Silver Award, is the Greenhaus agency for their quirky avant garde take on the “Visit Newport Beach” campaign. The Californian firm made Newport Beach stand out from the other beaches in the golden state with a new modern meets classic brand identity that looks to be something right out of a Wes Anderson movie. The creative team behind this winner consists of Erik Almas (Photographer), Stuart Hart (Executive Producer), Rob Petrie (Creative Director), Chris Bodie (Digital Artist), and Dave Roberts (Art Director).

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Author: Graphis