Design Annual 2019: OOF Design & more from Portugal

(AboveOOF Design for Câmara Municipal de Braga
“The Municipality of Braga has approximately 170,000 inhabitants and hundreds of cultural proposals every month. They invited us to present a proposal for the redesign of the city’s cultural agenda, with almost 20 years of existence.
In addition to the graphic design, we reorganized all the contents of the publication into categories: Exhibitions, Events, Shows, Cinema, Children, and Visits. We also created new chapters with interviews, reports, photo galleries and guided tours of the city’s monuments.
City residents and tourists began to use the agenda daily, and the City Council invited us to develop the agenda website. The promoters of the shows began sending more events, with bigger synopses and more photos, to have more highlight on the agenda.”


(AbovePMDESIGN for Tomelo Natura Soap | Designer: Paulo MarceloPhotographer: Nuno Moreira
“Create a soap packaging design project aims at safeguarding environmental issues using recycled raw materials and highlighting the values associated with this authentic, genuine and 100% natural product.
A distinctive characteristic is the fact that the pieces of wood used in the packaging come from pruning and cleaning branches of trees in forests and can function as natural air fresheners when impregnated with a few drops of essential oil.To illustrate this project, we searched hundreds of images from the Centro Português de Fotografia (Portuguese Photography Centre), selecting the one that best portrays the relationship between people and these docile animals. It is a photo taken 100 years ago (on 1st November, 1918) in the Northeast region of Portugal and shows a group of children going around the country on their donkeys.
A simple and genuine packaging that contributes to the promotion and conservation of the native breed of the “Burro do Nordeste de Portugal” (Portugal’s Northeast donkey), animals that graze freely in the meadows of the region.”

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Author: Graphis