Advertising: Competition is Now Open! See Platinum Winning Work by ARSONAL and PPK, USA & New Entry by Brunner

We’re excited to announce today’s opening of the Advertising Annual 2020 Competition! It’s a great way for young firms to get noticed or for established international agencies to see how their talent stacks up against the competition.

Two excellent examples of agencies that saw success in previous Advertising Annuals were PPK, USA and ARSONAL. Last year, “Great White Giraffe” (ABOVE, LEFT) submitted by PPK, USA, won Platinum for its inventive and witty visual and copy for their client, Wichita Brewing Company. ARSONAL also won Platinum last year for “Genius: Picasso” (ABOVE, RIGHT). They had the challenge of following another successful campaign for the previous season of Genius on National Geographic, and came up with creative ways to maintain a theme while inventing a fresh visual.

Enticing entries are starting to come in for the 2020 competition, including one by Brunner agency called, “Pride Banner” (ABOVE). With the use of a series of fire extinguishers that create a rainbow, there is a strong visual to match their definitive statement: “Fires are indiscriminate. So are we.” The campaign helped promote Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation’s diversity initiative.

The Advertising Annual 2020 Competition is open for submissions! Submit today before the deadline of June 4, 2019. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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