New Graphis Master: Nancy Stahl Featured in Journal Issue #361

We’re excited to announce one of our latest Graphis Masters, Nancy Stahl, who was also featured in Graphis Journal Issue #361. A versatile and prolific illustrator, Stahl has developed a style of her own and has enjoyed working with an array of clients, including a chance to create stamps for the USPS. Within her Q&A in Journal #361, she shared insights about her process and the trajectory of her career. We asked,

What are the most important ingredients you require from a client to do successful work?

Honestly, I want a client who has faith in my abilities but no specific expectations, sufficient time without asking to see the work in progress, and the strength to defend what we have agreed on to their boss or client.

The Journal features full-page images of Stahl’s work, including “Society of Illustrators Exhibit: Beautiful Baby, 2006” (ABOVE, LEFT) “Christian Science Monitor Bad Economy, 2011” (ABOVE, RIGHT). Her work captures the imagination and tells a story for her client in a single glance. We are proud to call her a Graphis Illustration Master!

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