Advertising Annual 2014
Platinum Winner Spotlight: BRIGHT RED\TBWA

ETCAgency: BRIGHT RED\TBWA                                     Agency: PP+K

BRIGHT RED\TBWA – Faith Radio Poster

BRIGHT RED\TBWA’s Platinum winning “Faith Radio Poster” in Advertising Annual 2014 illustrates the power of a simple idea. Additional Florida Advertising Agencies that have contributed to Graphis include PP+K, Corporate Design Associates, Dunn & Co., as well as Designers
Joe Krawczyk, Kay Wilder, Anthonie Leslie
 and Chidozie Acey, among others.

Advertising Annual 2014 silver 2Agency: PP+K | Title: Hourglass | Book: Advertising Annual 2014

BRIGHT RED\TBWA is a new Graphis contributor. A Talahassee-based agency, the group is a creative think-tank that has been recognized by Fast Company as the 24th Most Innovative Company in the World. Bright RedTBWA is a firm advocate of the planning process known as Disruption. “The cornerstone of this progressive approach is the ability to overcome conventions, both in the category and with the audience, that can hinder growth,” the agency explains in their online company motto. “Disruption acts as a powerful tool, helping brands to reach new audiences in new ways that challenge conventional wisdom and seek to gain a larger share of the future.” to check out additional work, click here.

For further inspiration from Florida Designers, check out Graphis Issue 306, which features an article written by Rita D. Jacobs on a swanky hotel in Florida. Also check out
Graphis Issue 240, which highlights a poster exhibition in Jacksonville, Florida.

The advertising competition features the most compelling and influential design of the year. Gold and Platinum awards, and other winning entries, will be published in the
Advertising Annual 2015. Submit your own work to the Advertising Annual 2015 competition here. For inspiration on past advertising annuals, click here.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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