Poster Annual Submission Spotlight: Austrian Designers

AUSTRIA DESIGNERS ILeft Design Firm: Studio Es                                        Right Designer: Otmar Grissemann

Design Firm Studio Es – Hermann Nitsch on Screen

Austrian design firm, Studio Es, sent in a submission to the Poster Annual 2015, “Hermann Nitsch on Screen.” Verena Panholzer helped design this inventive tribute to the 75-year-old Hermann Nitsch, a contemporary artist whose performances and paintings place him amongst today’s major international artists. Additional Austria Designers that have contributed to Graphis include Hans Fabigan, Otmar Grissemann, Othmar Motter,
Boris Berghammer, Christoph Weihs, Kornelius Tarmann 
and Verena Panholzer, the art director for “Hermann Nitsch on Screen.”

The poster was displayed on a 16 x 9m projection screen at Deep Space LIVE, an event held at The Ars Electronica Center in Austria. Hermann Nitsch, the Co-founder of Viennese Actionism, presented the series himself. “Our design of the poster series deals with the medium of paint,” Ponciano wrote to Graphis. “Only this time the mixing ratio differs. Instead of blood, we use the RGB color code.”

Studio Es is a new Graphis contributor, who submitted an additional piece,
“Ars Electronica Quarternight,” to the Poster Annual 2015, which focuses on the mystery of memory. Panholzer is a past Graphis contributor, whose “DNA” won a Gold award in our Poster Annual 2014 and her “AEC Nighline” won a silver in our Poster Annual 2014.

AUSTRIA DESIGNERS IIDesigner:  Hans Fabigan | Magazine: Issue 90 

Hans Fabigan, former Graphis magazine contributor and Austrian Designer, spoke on Austrian commercial art in a feature on advertising and editorial art in Austria in Graphis Issue 90. He wrote the following:

The jungle of the economic boom seems to prevent even those enterprises which are in other respects open-minded and progressive from taking a line which would re-instate long-neglected artistic values. Austrian advertising artists ought to be stung to active resistance by the ever more hectic tempo of commercial work. They should apply themselves to the evolution of a style that is not only optically interesting but capable of holding the mind of the observer, that is thought-catching as well as eye-catching.

For further inspiration from Austrian Designers, check out Graphis Issue 316, which features an article on Creative Club Austria, as well as Graphis Issue 301, which highlights Austria’s
Liz Design Center, by Herbert Lechner.

The poster competition features the most compelling and influential design of the year. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will be published in the Poster Annual 2015. Submit your own work to the Poster Annual 2015 competition here. For additional inspiration, check out past Poster Annuals here.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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