Advertising: American Art Directors Travis Robertson, Dan Shearin, and Silver Cuella Present Their Winning Campaigns

The outdoors and sports are the highlight of this week’s advertising spotlight.

America loves being outdoors. Whether it’s the national pastime or a feeling of oneness with nature, the United States has always prided itself on its love of country. To honor that dedication are three advertising campaigns that Graphis feels truly showcase that sentiment while maintaing a sense of poise, humility, and most importantly, dedication. From the understated grittiness of the Boston Bruins’ campaign to the Americana approach of The Outdoor Depot, these advertising giants display a unique approach that is noteworthy.
Travis Robertson’s advertising, In Our Blood (ABOVE), for the Boston Bruins demonstrates the city’s tough disposition while also showcasing the inherent loyalty that every Bostonian feels toward their revered hockey team. With the goosebump-inducing tagline “Here eye color, hair color and team colors are given at birth,” Robertson captures the tough-as-nails allegiance that Boston possesses. The gold-winning ad showcases the city’s inherent familial traditions, one that is passed down from generation to generation.
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Equally compelling is Dan Shearin’s approach to the Louisville Slugger advertising, entitled Every Swing (ABOVE LEFT). Detailing the dedication and work that goes into becoming a baseball phenomenon, the ad taps into the american dream via a sports perspective. As the last tagline reads, “every single swing that led up to this moment.” It’s a reminder that the Louisville Slugger is the bat of champions, the one that leads winners to championships and separates the rest from the best. It’s a stirring ad, one that certainly deserves its place in this week’s advertising spotlight.
Likewise, the similar yet more emotionally understated ad from Silver Cuellar for The Outdoor Depot, entitled Crossbow (ABOVE RIGHT), instills an Americana vibe that reminds audiences of the commitment that some have toward the outdoors, one that is similar to the piousness of devotees. As the crossbow hangs over a simple pine wood bed frame in a similar vein to a cross, the tagline underneath reads, “to us, it’s sacred,” making consumers realize just how important one’s presence and respect of nature can be.
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