New Talents

New Talent: Meet Syracuse University’s Best and Brightest from NY

Syracuse University paves the way for newcomer designers to showcase their best work in advertising, photography, and more.

There’s a sense of nobility in aiding the next generation. Whether it’s the bestowment of one’s knowledge or the emotional support one provides in moments of creative vulnerability, being a steward of artistic output is a difficult and oft-virtuous undertaking. It’s a principled approach that details one’s upstanding love of not oneself, but the craft that one has dedicated their life to. Mentorship displays an earnest appreciation of the direction in which the field is headed, allowing oneself not to fight the tide of change but rather be apart of it. That sensibility does not seem to be lost on Professor Mel White, who has worked tirelessly to propel student-led campaigns.
From the visually dynamic campaign for the new Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera (ABOVE) from Justina Hnatowicz, to the up-and-comers Chi-Ching Ada Lam and Danika Petersen with their humorous Manscape Masterpieces (BELOW), Professor Mel White has been instrumental in helping these students’ creativity in advertising.

New Talents

Justina Hnatowicz‘s exemplary work in designing the fantastical advertising campaign for the Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera points not only to the camera’s extreme technological advancements, it also showcases the artistic potential of the equipment itself. The gold-winning series is a testament to the mentorship of White, who helped hone Hnatowicz‘s talents and skills to the product we see before us.
Equally masterful is the Manscape Masterpieces work from Chi-Ching Ada Lam and Danika Petersen, who present a playful approach to men’s grooming. By showcasing the fine detail that the razor can shave into a man’s body, Petersen and Ada Lam demonstrate the product’s superiority to similar products on the market. The whimsical approach is what works well to make the product relatable to the average 25-40 year old man, making their work a bonafide inclusion to this week’s New Talent spotlight.
Be sure to submit your work to Graphis’ Annual New Talent Competition before the looming October 9 deadline! Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms.
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