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Graphis Master: New Master Lewis Communications

The global ad agency Lewis Communications run by Larry Norris is the newest addition to the Graphis Masters list.

Graphis honors Lewis Communications for their achievement in advertising by inducting them into the Graphis Masters list this week. The worldwide advertising agency has worked tirelessly to amass prestigious clientele that include Oakley, Adobe, Intuit, Sunglass Hut, D-Link, any many more. From their ceaseless drive to showcase the very best for their clients to their endless creative output, Lewis Communications has proven to be an undoubted master in the advertising world.
Lewis Communications recent campaigns for Energy Logic and Tiffin Motorhomes have demonstrated the companies inherent understanding of their clients, the products they sell, and the message that they desire to exude. Their Energy Logic – Like Working at the Beach (ABOVE LEFT) campaign points to the inherent whimsical yet forthright nature that they are willing to put forth for their clients, ensuring that they remain true to the company’s message yet instill a light-hearted approach that will surely entice customers from all ends. And yet, their other work for Tiffin Motorhomes 2015 Print Campaign (ABOVE RIGHT) showcases the very erudite nature in which they approach clients that demand such a method. From the fanciful garden that to the understated typography that accompanies it, Lewis Communications realizes the very intrinsic qualities that their clients demand.
Lewis Communications
Likewise, their other campaign for Tiffin Motorhomes (ABOVE) details the very introspective and deeply humanistic ways in which motorhomes inspire individuals. It is with that soul-searching approach that Lewis Communications has been able to charm both clients and colleagues in the advertising world to realize the high level of fidelity that they are willing to display in their work.
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