AG Creative’s “Cool” HVAC Campaign

In their Advertising 2024 entries “Staying Cool” and “Get Cool,” Metro Vancouver AG Creative Group and the Gandy Installations crew orchestrated a campaign of cool led by art director Stewart Jung. They embarked on a quest to redefine coolness with a pinch of their characteristic wit, and concocted ads that playfully tease the notion of staying chill while spotlighting Gandy’s quality AC services. The result? They set the stage for a campaign delivering Gandy Installations as the hottest name in town.

By: Stewart Jung

Gandy Installations is a family-owned HVAC business in lovely Metro Vancouver, Canada. Three generations of Gandy have owned and run the business, and AG Creative was very fortunate to have started with Charlie, then connected with his son Chuck and now their grandson Taylor on this amazing journey. The Gandy clan is very blue-collar with big personalities. Their sense of humor and passion for their craft is inspiring. Their commitment to uniqueness gave us a tremendous opportunity to build their brand and elevate them in a highly competitive market. 

Over the years, we’ve created numerous ads for their summer and winter campaigns. For this summer, we were asked to come up with creatives that were in tune with what we had done previously, which were light-hearted and fun. Humor has become a hallmark of their advertising, consistently garnering positive feedback and reviews. This approach to marketing makes Gandy unique and distinguished in the industry. Several of our ads, in fact, are highlighted in previous Graphis Advertising Awards and Annuals.

For this year’s summer campaign, we came up with a concept that poked fun at one’s interpretation of what cool is to promote their AC services. With summers getting hotter, it was important not to create themes that brought out negativity and fear. We kept the captions light-hearted, positive, and relatable. With a tight timeline and budget, we used imagery from an image bank that fit these concepts like a glove. We presented these ads to the client, and they had a pretty good chuckle which was always a telltale sign we hit the mark. These ads are now running in the local paper and online.

Stewart Jung graduated from Capilano University in what seems like an ice age ago. He’s the creative director, senior designer, creative writer, and all-around artsy fartsy at AG Creative. As someone whose been in this industry for over 25 years (that’s not a typo), Stewart has become a walking archive of creative tinkering and extremely bad puns. He’s an old dog who is sometimes very salty yet still enjoys learning new tricks. Armed with these new tricks and a lifetime of wonderful experiences, he’s managed to build brands with his create-to-relate approach to storytelling.

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Author: Graphis