ÅIK :WORK By Cake Featured in Graphis Journal #377

Could the Åik :work revolutionize job-based transit across the world? The e-bike may be to transportation what the Kindle has been to literature. It offers a powered means of commuting, “without the need for insurance, license or registrations.”

The Åik :work has a stunning range. The three-battery model will transport a rider for 223 miles before needing to be recharged. These batteries also offer a handy means for the rider to charge electronic devices.

As the name and simple design of the Åik :work suggest, Cake, the company behind this bike, is Swedish. Yet Cake hopes the product will appeal to the US. The European and American models of the Åik :work have pronounced differences. The US version has a top speed of 20mph, compared to 16mph in Europe. The US version also has the option of being powered without pedal assistance, and its motor is twice as powerful.

Naturally, the Åik :work is ideal for urban environments. But it’s also designed to be suitable for rural transportation, as Cake founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn explains: “Our range is optimized for artisanal needs, from the fastest deliveries in town through to surveillance work in the backcountry.”

Both the front and the rear of the bike offer hundreds of utility combinations. The aluminum frame can also take a significant amount of weight. Overall, the rear load can accommodate 132 lbs, while the front load can accommodate 44 lbs.

The Åik :work, and its non-work-oriented counterpart, started shipping in May 2023.

Learn more at RideCake.com.

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Author: Graphis