Advertising 2018: ARSONAL, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness & More!

The Advertising Annual 2018 competition is still open for entries. Above (left) is an ad by ARSONAL in California, created for their client, FX in order to promote the latest season of the show, “The Americans.” The ad beside it (right) was created by Carolyn Gargano of Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness in New York for their client, Crossroads Community, in order “to create iconic posters that position Crossroads Community as a nurturing and unique place for people living in the street.” Other award-winning ad agencies that submitted to this year’s competition include PPK USA, Doe Anderson, BVK, and Mullenlowe U.S./Los Angeles, among others. See below for more!


Above (left) is another ad created by ARSONAL for their client, HULU, in order to promote the show, “The Handmaid’s Tale.” “The final pieces feature quiet, subdued character images set against more disturbing backdrops, with copy that captures the voice and tone of each character” in the show. The ad beside it (right) was created by Ford Oelman of BLT in California for their clients, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and ABC. The ad was the “key art for the 89th Oscars that drives tune-ins and introduces first-time host Jimmy Kimmel.”


Above are two ads submitted by Paul Forsyth of Doner in Michigan. The ads, created for their client, The Cuyahoga County Opioid Marketing Task Force, take “a visually arresting approach that equates deadly weapons with deadly prescription drugs.”

There isn’t much time left to submit work to the Advertising Annual 2018 competition. The deadline is Tuesday, June 27. Submit your work while you still can for exposure and a chance to win!

Author: Graphis