WWave Design from Macao and Nestlé Design & Sterling Brands (US) Enter the Packaging 10!

Design firm, WWAVE Design of Macao, submitted their above cookie packaging, “ROCCA Mid-Autumn Gift Box,” to the Graphis Packaging 10 Competition. Designed by Ho Ion Fat and Amy Un Cho Ian, Rocca’s Mid- Autumn GiftBox is a set of two cookie boxes that incorporates the east and west by using a traditional Chinese-style pairing with a modern European flavor.

They created a stronger connection between the packaging and the product itself by using English conqueror texture paper in an inky jade color for the tea collection and Oriental Earth paper in coral red color for the floral collection. WWAVE Design successfully develops an elegant design that makes for a tasty gift.

From the United States, Nestlé Design Packaging Teams collaborated with Sterling Brands to put out their first refrigerated creamers. The above image, “Starbucks Creamer,” shows off their lineup. With a new product, comes a new design, and in order to give consumers a new way to enjoy their Starbucks coffee at home, the graphics focused on the flavors, creating visualizations of the ingredients on the bottle and of course, the iconic Starbucks ‘siren.

The bottle itself reflects the smooth and comforting feeling a nice cup of coffee gives, in its elegant curves and simplistic typography, and all-white bottle. Nestlé Design and Sterling Brands bring the atmosphere of a Starbucks to the home.

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