New Exciting Stamp Entry from Journey Group (US) and a Cafe Rebrand from M-N Associates (VN)

United States design firm, Journey Group, and designer Greg Breeding have submitted to the Graphis Design Annual 2021 with their above series of stamps, “Transcontinental Railroad.” These were made in order to mark the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869. Two stamps replicate the two locomotives joining from the east and west. The third center stamp features the famous golden spike and the year the railroad was completed.

The locomotive stamps were illustrated using traditional, 19th-century oil painting techniques, and the typographer, Kevin Cantrell, developed the majority of the text from scratch. Journey Group has previously won Gold and Silver in our Design 2019 and 2020 annuals.

From Vietnam, design firm M – N Associates have submitted their series “Guta Cafe Rebranding” for a popular coffee brand, Guta. The original branding had no relevance to the brand’s values and story, so Guta tasked M-N to rebrand and revitalize their identity.

The brand story is that “there’s always a ‘plastic chair,’ small and convenient enough to set up anywhere to become a small coffee shop.” This is shown through the brand’s simple colors blue and yellow, and small stools to sit in front of the small business in the busy community. M-N Associates are also previous Gold and Silver winners from our Branding 7 competition.

Time is running out! Submit your Designs to the Design Annual 2021!

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