New Creative Label Designs from Studio Lonne Wennekendonk (NL) and Zimmer Design (US)

For the Graphis Packaging 10 Competition, Studio Lonne Wennekendonk from the Netherlands submits their series of bottle labels titled, “Abma’s Packaging.” They design new labels for Abma’s oil and tomato products, making sure each label captures the essence of the brand and the feeling they want to convey to consumers. Each label corresponds to the ingredients of the product with various colors and illustrations. It also displays descriptions of the flavors in an easily readable fashion. Studio Lonne creates a recognizable brand label that maintains the fresh atmosphere of the Abma brand.

From the US, designer Jim Zimmer and the team of Zimmer-Design has submitted the above series entry titled “Three Floyds Gin Packaging.” Created with the aim of developing a design in the most compelling and unusual way possible for Three Floyd’s Oude Boatface and Wight Witch Gins. They commissioned a London tattoo artist, Izabella Dawid Wolf, to design the illustrations on the label. The illustrations are in Wolf’s Hieronymus Bosch-inspired style and utilize imagery from Greek, Celtic, and other mythologies. The designs prompt interest and present the fun and odd character of Three Floyd Distillery.

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