War & Peace: Protest Posters that Envision a Better Future

The Civil War in Syria has lasted for more than nine years, long enough for many children to grow up without knowing peace. Graphis Master Wesam Mazhar Haddad illustrates the pain of the innocent growing up amongst such violence with “Cradle of Torture” (above, left). Dedicated to Alan Kurdi, the young Syrian boy who washed up on a beach in 2015, the poster depicts a baby’s body surrounded by a crown of thorns, reminiscent of stories from the New Testament. Haddad’s work immortalizes the death of this child as well as the 12,000 others who’ve lost their lives since the war started in 2011.

Boris Ljubicic, a Graphis Master from Croatia, points out the irony of the “United Nations” working toward peace when major nations involved only care for their own benefits. Boris and STUDIO INTERNATIONAL created “Human Rights/70 Years” (above, right) for the 70th anniversary of the UN. The poster shows two hands touching the tips of their index and middle fingers against a dark background. It illustrates the impossibility of meeting in the middle when one’s political gain is the motivator for certain UN representatives.

On the other side of the Earth, Japanese designer Hajime Tsushima presents a sensual, cool-toned poster, “Hope of Earth” (above, left). A bubble of blue, which immediately brings to mind the image of flowing water, encircles the word “hope,” transmitting Tsushima’s message as clearly as the water it envisions. Created for the Emirates International Poster Festival, Tsushima “hopes” to instill a desire to reach for a future beyond war and violence in those who look at his poster.

Our final Protest Posters 2 entry for the week is “F@KE NEWS!” (above, right), a vibrant outcry about the media we consume in our daily lives. Bulgarian artist Ivan Kashlakov uses a bright green to warn viewers of the poison of social media when the true facts are muddled and warped on the screen. The poster depicts a funnel with several chat bubbles on top, indicating that various types of communication are chosen and warped into fake news. 

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