The Body Periodic and Snakes with Sneakers: Two New Entries in New Talent 2021

Design student Junghoon Oh skillfully weaves typography with images for a different type of periodic table, while a group of students at Penn State University created a Converse sneaker design campaign for some slick kicks.

A student of Professor Tina Fong of the School of Visual Arts, Oh brings a whole new meaning to elementary anatomy in their piece “Anatomy A to Z” (above). Oh’s typography design utilizes bright colors overlaid with large letters corresponding to each body part. The boldness of each hue is juxtaposed with the typography’s sharp edges, making each letter stand apart. Additionally, Oh cleanly weaves together text with image to create a cohesive typeface presentation.

Students Michaela Lucas, Jacqueline Siry, and Christie Warren, working under Professor Ryan Russell at Penn State University, bring an element of sleek fluidity to their rebranding of Converse’s “Converse Pro Leather Brand Campaign” (above). Displayed on the billboard is a snake weaving between and through a pair of white and red leather sneakers. The phrases “What’s eating you?” and “Bite Back!” are integrated near the top of the advertisement, giving this leather sneaker relaunch an element of playfulness!

The 2021 New Talent Competition’s deadline has been extended. The new deadline is now December 8, 2020! Submit your entries today!

Author: Graphis

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