Vincent Junier, featured in Journal #367, Shoots Photography That Pops Off the Page

It’s with a sense of authority that French photographer Vincent Junier approaches his still-life shots and colleges. Funny enough, he says this assertion is how he expresses his artistic freedom. His methods certainly work, however, considering his photographs have been exhibited at museums like the See Exhibition Space, Galerie Meanings, Les Passerelles, and the Eretz Israel Museum. He’s also been featured in Mutant Space and Installation.

His series “Water Balloons” (above) utilizes brightly colored balloons of all shapes and sizes. In pushing them together, Junier expertly creates a dynamic relationship between the balloons, enticing the viewer to keep looking. Despite being a still-life, one can practically feel the malleability of the rubber. 

Junier’s pieces “Fishing Trip During Confinement” (above, left) and “Souk-Hacarmel N°2” (above, right) similarly embody his skillful ability to create cohesive color schemes. The combination of unique materials in laying out one unified scene is really what sets Junier apart from other contemporary still-life photographers. 

Here’s a sneak peek of Junier’s Q&A in Journal #367:

What is it about photography that you are most passionate about?

In still-life photography, I’m most passionate about the lighting and compositions that are always different. You need to constantly find solutions for unexpected problems.

What made you decide to switch from graphic design back to photography?

Five years ago one of my clients, for whom I made visual concepts, knew that my first job was a photographer. He asked me to shoot his campaign. After saying no for a few weeks, I decided to buy a camera and flash … and said, “Ok, let’s do it.”

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