Crack Open Two New Entries to Packaging 10

PepsiCo Design & Innovation was tasked to create some new rebranding for Pepsi cans. Similarly, designer Sally Morrow, from Sally Morrow Creative, designed new cans for New Hokkaido Beer. 

Pepsi Generations” (above) was a campaign launched in 2018 to celebrate specific decades and their contributions to pop culture. The retro style of these cans emulates nostalgia, yet still appears sleek and refreshed. In order to recreate these cans from Pepsi past, the design team had to retrieve different designs from a physical product archive. These cans show how regardless of Pepsi’s growth as a company, their impact as a brand remains iconic despite packaging changes. 

Morrow’s “New Hokkaido Beer” (above) blends traditional Japanese culture with the modern aesthetic of the Pacific Northwest (where New Hokkaido is located). Each can has a unique story printed on the label that tells of different Japanese fables, such as the story of the Yuki-Onna, or Snow Woman. The minimalist style and pastel colors of Morrow’s design work well with the silver aluminum of the can in accentuating each tale.

Packaging 10 is accepting entries until December 1, 2020! Submit your work here.

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