Four New Protest Posters 2 Entries Combat Many Forms of Injustice

André Barnett’s self-assigned protest poster “Our Environment” (above, left) features a puffin, a species not yet considered endangered by climate change but threatened by humans all the same. The bird’s body transforms into the “U” of the word “our,” elegantly demonstrating that humans aren’t separated from the environment, but rather that we’re connected to our planet and its ecosystems.

The International Tolerance Poster Series” has been exhibited in over thirty countries around the world. Studio Hinrichs’ series emphasizes the importance of tolerance regarding several important social issues. This particular poster (above, right) features several spliced faces as well as the word “tolerance.” By literally stitching together different people of different races, this poster indicates that regardless of our differences, we’re all still human. 

João Machado’s poster “Biodiversity” (above, left) shows a bird in flight as it almost blooms out of a single flower. The perceived layering of both the bird’s wings and body makes it appear as if it’s popping off the page. Machado’s use of red for the bird’s beak and the flower’s pistil link the two species together, implying how one can’t survive without the other and the importance of protecting and preserving nature’s biodiversity. 

Keith Kitz’s poster “Done” (above, right) features a choppy figure of Donald Trump. The beginning of his name, “Don,” composes the profile of the figure, whereas the letter “E,” spelling the word “done,” serves as the tip of the figure’s hair. Trump’s iconic orange skin and bleached hairdo are further emboldened by the all-black background, as is the white center of the letter “D” which mimics a frown. Kitz’s poster takes a strong stance against Trump and all the hate that he enacts and represents. 

The 2021 Protest Posters 2 Competition close tonight at midnight! Submit your entry now before it’s too late!

Author: Graphis

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