Two New Entries to 2021 New Talent Bring Unconventional Meanings to Everyday Objects

Junghoon Oh from the School of Visual Arts and Elizabeth Ireland from Texas Christian University redefine design for classic household products such as toothpaste and Q-tips in two new entries for our New Talent 2021 Competition. 

A student of professors Jay Marlsen and Alexi Beltrone, Oh features a lighthouse with a beam of radiant light illuminating a dark sky in their advertisement titled “Advertising_Crest 3D White Strips” (above). This clever take on teeth whitening brings a form of realism to the advertisement. The muted sky and hues composing this piece brings attention not just to the light beam but also to the bright Crest logo in the bottom left corner. 

Under the instruction of professor Bill Galyean, Ireland’s “Eden’s Essentials” (above) was the product of a “Grab Bag Project” where every student randomly selected an item out of a paper bag filled with dollar store items. Her Q-tip packaging rebrand includes hand-drawn illustrations printed on a delicate box. Ireland makes what’s functional special, indicating that regardless of the product, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with its packaging. 

The 2021 New Talent Competition’s deadline has been extended and is now December 8, 2020! Submit today!

Author: Graphis

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