Sip and Savor These Two New Bottle Entries for Our Packaging 10 Competition

Designer Zhou Jingkuan was tasked with creating the packaging of an herbal wine for Hubei Materia Medica Health Wine Co., Ltd., while Elmwood New York rebranded the bottles and cans for Tecate beer. 

Jingkuan’s design “Ben Cao Tang – Herbal Wine” (above) features a sleek glass with a unique shape, giving this bottle an edge while showcasing the rich color of the herbal wine inside. The box this product comes in is equally detailed, being the same hue of green as the bottle’s cap. Between the box and the bottle, Jingkuan finds the perfect balance between detail and simplicity. 

Designers of Elmwood New York sought to make their “Tecate Rebrand” (above) as authentically Mexican as possible while also modernizing the brand. This rebrand focuses itself on simplicity, removing any unnecessary details from the original design. Tecate’s eagle icon is positioned at the top of the label and emblazoned with a “T.” Similarly, the use of primary colors works well to distinguish the different beer profiles without overwhelming the bottle. 

The Packaging 10 Competition now has a new deadline, Jan. 26! If you want to submit your entry, click here.

Author: Graphis

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