Getting “FedEx Fit”: Graphis Master Colin Corcoran featured in Journal #365

Named a Graphis Master just this year, artist Colin Corcoran ran a series of fitness ads for FedEx that landed him a feature in Journal #365. The campaign, “FedEx Gym” (above), aimed to reframe the work of package handlers for potential employees nationwide by emphasizing the physical benefits of a job that consists of handling packages day in and day out.

Corcoran creatively displayed FedEx’s signature packages with common gym equipment in a series of posters. The posters were displayed in gyms nationwide, targeting those with muscles on the mind. The results were surprising; FedEx saw an increase of 34% in applications since the beginning of the campaign!

As a Graphis Master, Colin’s fifteen excellent years in graphic design show a variety of accomplishments, including collaborations with McDonald’s, Disney, Coke, Tesla, and other famous brand names. When asked what inspired his work, Colin comically answers:

Getting fired for being the worst assistant account executive in the world was highly motivating. Being called “Super Tool” by a senior creative team at the time proved to be “super” inspiring.”

Colin’s work with over 500 design clients and the 300+ awards he’s won during his design career is certainly impressive, but what’s more amazing is his humble achievements. He’s most proud of not what he’s set out to do and accomplished in his career, but rather: “the things I haven’t done during my career. I’ve never thrown anyone under the bus, taken credit for work I didn’t do, lied to someone, or not paid someone money that was owed to them.” What a standup artist!

View Colin’s works and more in Graphis Journal #365.

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