Type: Hoon-Dong Chung, Insight Creative & more from Asia & Polynesia

The deadlines for our Typography 4 competitions have been extended until October 10, 2017. If you’re still sitting on your best work, consider submitting it to our Typeface Design or Type in Use competitions! Today, we’ll be focusing on our entries from Asia and Polynesia.

Above, we have “3D Typography Exhibition” (left) by long-time Graphis contributor Hoon-Dong Chung of Dankook University in South Korea, which was awarded Gold in our Design Annual 2013 and Platinum in our Poster Annual 2013.
Next to Chung’s work is “Stand No. 14” by Designers Brian Slade and Franziska Steinkohl at Insight Creative for their client Stand For Children from New Zealand. Their intent was to develop a typeface that represented the complex nature necessary to support New Zealand’s at-risk children. Using wave symbols, where the waves represent a sense of renewal and empowerment, Insight Creative created a type that perfectly captures the work of the organization, which can be used in Maori as well.

The next two submissions above are from our current Typeface Design competition. To the left is “TIST +EDGE Typeface” by TIST from South Korea, a brand coordination company which designed the typeface in order to give a new face to the brand, as well as to improve readability of their type.
To the right is “Dance in Concert Poster 2016” by Yvonne Cao of CAO Design from China for Texas Christian University, showing the synchronization and motion of dance in the playful type around the model’s body.
Have a typeface or typography design that you’d like to give more exposure? Enter it into either the Typeface Design or Type in Use competitions. Hurry–early entrants have an increased chance for exposure on our website, blog, and social media platforms.
Author: Graphis