New Talent: Mark Smith & More from Miami Ad School

The Graphis New Talent Annual 2018 is accepting submissions until October 31, 2017! We invite you to start competing in your field before graduation! Here are entries submitted from talented Professors and Students from Miami Ad School.

The Graphis New Talent series is an original collection of the year’s best student work. It’s no surprise then that “Nike Speed Ticket” by student Soham Chatterjee under Professor Mark Smith and Art Director Joaquin Alvarez Limon won Platinum in our New Talent Annual 2016.
Also under Professor Mark Smith and Art Directors/Students Filipe Nogueira and Priscilla Cardoso is a Silver Award-winning poster series (left) “Protection” from student Jon Gruber to promote World Press Freedom Day in our New Talent Annual 2017.
Last but not least is a Gold Award-winning poster (right) from students Waner Almeida and Rajath Ramamurthy under Professor Jerrod New called “Lovin’ Equally” from our New Talent Annual 2016 to promote gender equality, as gender discrimination is still an issue that affects the world today.
The Graphis New Talent Competition features compelling Professor and Student work from international schools. To submit your work to the New Talent Annual 2018 competition, click here.
Author: Graphis