Photography: Terry Vine, Ken Wagnon & more from Texas

The Photography Annual 2018 competition is still accepting entries! The deadline is September 19, 2017. Above and below are some entries from the past and present competitions submitted from the Lone Star State, Texas, USA.

In the images above, “The Hand of Dr. Denton Cooley” (left) was shot by Photographer Terry Vine for the Texas Medical Center. As part of a journalistic venture, Vine was tasked with capturing a portrait of Dr. Denton Cooley, the heart surgeon who performed the first heart transplant, as well as the first implantation of an artificial heart. Knowing he was only allotted a few short minutes with Dr. Cooley, Vine planned the shot accordingly and won Gold in last year’s Photography Annual.
Also above, “Mackerel” (right) was self-initiated by Graphis Award-winning Photographer Ken Wagnon. It also won Gold in last year’s Photography Annual. Wagnon’s intent was to showcase his ability to create beautiful imagery with a dark subject, the mackerel, against a dark background with supporting elements.


Grand Totality” is an entry to our Photography Annual 2018, shot by Photographer Justin Isaac for Fine Art Buyers. Capturing right when partial phase resumes after totality, Isaac chose the shot where the eclipse offered a ray of light like those seen bouncing off of a diamond. A truly stunning shot taken in the Grand Teton National Park.
Measuring Eye” is also a recent entry in our current Photography Annual. It was shot by Graphis Award-winning Photographer Adam Voorhes for Variety under Creative Director Chris Mihal and Art Directors Chuck Kerr and Cheyne Gateley.
The deadline for the Graphis 2018 Photography Annual Competition is tomorrow! We encourage you to submit your best work of the year.
Author: Graphis