New Talent: Hoon-Dong Chung & more from South Korea

The New Talent Annual 2018 competition is open for entries until October 31! Above and below is student work submitted to us from South Korea.

The two entries above won Gold Awards in New Talent Annual 2017. The one on the left was created by Sujin Yang under the direction of Professor Hoon-Dong Chung of Dankook University. The poster was designed to spread awareness about the dangers caused by the hole in the Ozone layer. The entry beside it was also submitted from Professor Hoon-Dong Chung’s class. Student Seong-Su Kim created an advertisement for Viagra, demonstrating the drug’s effects with the letters in the brand’s name.

Above is a Silver Award-winning entry submitted to New Talent Annual 2015 by students Ye-ji Jeong, Wonhee Jeong, Nanhee Lim, Sora Park, and Dongeun Shin of Professor Sungkwon Ha‘s class at Big Ant Academy. The ad was meant to bring attention to the fact that Gatorade is not just a drink––it’s a drink for athletes that drives them to want to do more. In order to drive this home, they brought “the image of a heart pulse, which gives the impression that Gatorade makes your heart beat again.”
There are only a couple of months left to submit your work! The earlier you enter, the greater your chances of being published on our website, blog, and social media platforms!
Author: Graphis